Man Murdered in Denver Makes Nat’l News, Woman Murdered in Chicago Doesn’t


A 49-year-old-man was shot in the head and killed on Saturday. It made the news on every news outlet, not just in the U.S., but around the world.

A 25-year-old woman was also shot in the head and killed on Saturday.

Guess which story you heard about?

The difference? The man was killed in Denver and the woman was killed in Chicago.

To make matter worse, the man was white and the woman was black.

Chicago sees so many shootings and murders every weekend that it doesn’t even make the news anymore. Mieya Sims was standing with a friend when she was murdered. She was taken to Chicago’s Mount Sinai Hospital where she was pronounced dead, police and the Cook County medical examiner’s office said.

Her 22-year-old friend was shot in the leg. She was taken to the hospital and is listed in good condition.

A 15-year-old boy was shot in the leg on Friday night in Chicago. Did you hear about that? No. And you also didn’t hear about the 50 other people who were shot in Chicago over the weekend. Or the four other people who were murdered.

Black Lives Matter was in Denver. Why weren’t they in Chicago?

Lee Keltner was murdered in Denver by a BLM supporter for showing support for the police. His killer is in custody and is being held without bond on first-degree murder charges.

Mieya Sims was murdered in Chicago for standing near an alley with a friend. As with most murders in Chicago, there are no suspects and no one has been arrested.

In fact, there are so many shootings in Chicago that the city uses a new technology called “ShotSpotter.” The audio sensors detect gunfire in real time. A highly trained team of ShotSpotter gunfire and acoustics experts send an alert to the police dispatch center. It includes information on the location of the shooting, number of shots fired, along with speed and direction if the shooter is moving.

Despite the almost futuristic technology, very few shooters and murderers in Chicago are ever apprehended.


Black Lives Matter protesters seem to be everywhere except in places where Black Lives are lost to violence on a routine basis.

Every Monday I write an article about the murders that occurred in Chicago over the weekend. Every article lists the number and ages of people who were shot and those who were killed. Just in Chicago. Only over the weekend. I don’t include those who were murdered during the week. I’m sorry, but I don’t have that much time.

Where is BLM? If Black Live Matter, why aren’t they in places like Chicago where blacks are shot by the dozens every weekend. Just this year alone, 3,304 people have been shot in Chicago. That’s 1,120 more than the same time period last year!

If black lives really mattered, it stands to reason that BLM would be in Chicago stopping the killing of blacks instead of protesting in Denver at a “Soup Rally.”

If black lives really mattered to BLM, they would be on the front lines of an effort to stop black-on-black violence around the country.

Instead, BLM is on the front lines in cities where violent, not peaceful, protests have seen the looting and burning of businesses and public buildings. Ironically, some of the destroyed businesses were black owned.

Where is BLM? It looks like black lives don’t matter to Black Lives Matter.

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