Man walks up to CNN reporter while live, tells her to get away in an expletive-laced rant


A man present during the protest in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota walked up to CNN reporter, Sara Sidner, while she was filming live last night. He told her to “get away with all that media sh-t” because y’all are making it worse.

The man added that the media makes people “look crazier than the F–” they already are.

That’s probably all true.

The reporter made some absurd comments. At one point she was condescending.




  1. The NDAA kabuki theater is entertaining.
    China intends to rule the world by the end of next year and the fifth column will help them by any means necessary.
    They don’t even care about being put up against the wall at the end.
    These people are serious and don’t intend to fail.
    There won’t be any voting or republic left in 2022-2024.
    It was a glorious run but we couldn’t keep it, sorry Benjamin.

  2. More ppl should tell leftist media that they are the filth of the earth.
    Stop listening to them and buying their products,

  3. I’m not sure what his objective was, but the sentiment was correctly . The media overage just encourages the behavior.

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