NCAA wants to control state laws on transgenders in female sports


In their effort to be inclusive of a small minority of people, critics say the NCAA is on a path to destroy girl’s and women’s sports. The NCAA might pull out of GOP states that have bans against transgenders playing in women’s sports.

As we saw in a recent virtual meeting with over 128 top CEOs of major corporations, Big Corp plans to control our elected officials.

However, the NCAA doesn’t seem to have an impenetrable zero-tolerance policy. Their policy states:

When determining where championships are held, NCAA policy directs that only locations where hosts can commit to providing an environment that is safe, healthy and free of discrimination should be selected. We will continue to closely monitor these situations to determine whether NCAA championships can be conducted in ways that are welcoming and respectful of all participants.

The statement is clearly an attempt to control states that recently passed laws barring transgender athletes, but it’s not as definitive as the media claims.

The NCAA claims it’s about their values:

“This commitment is grounded in our values of inclusion and fair competition,” the NCAA said. “Our clear expectation as the Association’s top governing body is that all student-athletes will be treated with dignity and respect. We are committed to ensuring that NCAA championships are open for all who earn the right to compete in them.”

But critics say hormones do not change the body mass, power, and strength of a man, and women can’t generally compete with men. They say it isn’t fair and the policy will destroy female sports.

There is no “evolving science” for them to “embrace” as the NCAA claims in their statement. There are two genders biologically and there are people who want to be a different gender and change their appearance so they look like a different gender. Scientifically, some people are hermaphrodites. That’s the science. Psychological make-up is not objective science.

Newsweek claims there are thirty states that could lose the NCCA championship sites over their laws. The media and corporations want to stop the laws despite the will of the people in those states.

Fight the Oligarchy?

Professor of Political Philosophy at Notre Dame, Patrick Deenan states that conservatives must now “fight against the oligarchy on behalf of ordinary citizens who know that biological men competing against women is wrong.”


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Tim Shep
Tim Shep
2 years ago

Well then there won’t be any women’s sports. I guess the transgenders will have to compete with other transgenders. Where are the women’s groups??