Officer who shot Daunte Wright is a 25-year veteran of the force


The Minnesota police officer who fatally shot a black man during a Sunday traffic stop has reportedly been identified as 26-year veteran Kimberly Potter.

The 48-year-old officer’s identity was revealed by the Star Tribune, citing two law enforcement sources.

Potter acquired her Minnesota police officer’s license in 1995 and the age of 22 and began working for the Brooklyn Center Police Department shortly after, according to state records reviewed by the newspaper.

During her career, she has served on the department’s negotiation team, the report said.

Potter has been placed on administrative leave following the fatal shooting of 20-year-old Daunte Wright.

Her husband is a former police officer and she has two grown sons.

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Remember Tuffy the Clown
Remember Tuffy the Clown
2 years ago

Look into moving like the former officer in Ferguson.
Chauvin will probably be put on the Aztec altar in the spirit of socialist unity.
Gentle giants gonna gentle giant. (racist!)
Meanwhile in the hot fiery sulfur furnace Trotsky laughs his ass off with comrade Karl and Herr Lenin.

kai savage
kai savage
2 years ago

Sorry man, but in an already politically sensitive tactical situation, having a ditz brainfart by mistaking the burner for the zapper isn’t exactly helping the cause and could lead to a lot of misunderstanding.