Man Who Shot 29-Year Old Cop in the Head Is an Illegal Alien


An illegal alien from Haiti shot a Florida cop in the head Saturday. There is an immigration detainer filed against the man, Wisner Demaret, and he has been arrested numerous times. Authorities never informed immigration officials about him.

He never belonged in the country.

He is alleged to have shot Fort Myers Officer Adam Jobbers-Miller, 29.

Desmaret assaulted a group of males at a Fort Myers gas station and the police were called. When the police arrived, he shot at them. Police were able to shoot him and arrest him. He is recovering in the hospital.

Officer Jobbers-Miller is in “critical but stable condition.”

Desmaret faces at least eight charges, including attempted murder of a law enforcement officer.

Until he serves out his sentence, ICE can’t do much or tell people much about him. He appears to be a visa overstay. NBC calls him an undocumented immigrant, but he’s not. He’s an illegal alien, not an immigrant.

The State attorney lists more than ten arrests from 2010-16, but he only served 31 days in jail, after pleading no contest to a trespassing charge in 2011. He was set free over and over.

Wisner was known as “The Haitian Sensation” and was a champion boxer, allegedly, but mental health problems incapacitated him. That still doesn’t mean he should be free after committing crimes.

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