Man who will meet with Putin babbles whatever he was trying to say


This is the man the US is sending to battle Vlad Putin, the ex-KGB President of Russia who doesn’t have dementia.
President Biden confused  Americans on Monday when he launched into a strange, 30-second rant about “clearing roads” and “rebuilding main streets.”

“But, there’s, you know, to be, beginning this effort for 2021… Is, uh, we’ve learned a few lessons from last year as well… There’s help, as to, being there you know to help clear roads, rebuild main streets, and so that families can get back to their lives, that’s a thing it does,” said Biden.

This isn’t a gaffe. It’s a sign of dementia, but the media is so stupid, they can’t figure it out and never mention it. If it’s not stupidity, it’s the manipulation of viewers, which is downright evil. Manipulation sends you deep into the layers of hell according to Danté.

Biden’s mind is like a big air bubble.


This is good:

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