Biden’s illegal alien kids kept in filthy and dangerous conditions


Joe Biden who likes to attack Trump for his border mess has been hiding more than 4600 children here illegally who don’t even have basic necessities like underwear or proper medical care.

Reason Mag has recordings proving the kids ae kept in enormous, filthy tents on a military base in Texas without access to basic necessities, including underwear.

“If you took a poll, probably about 98 percent of the federal workers here would say it’s appalling,” a federal employee detailed to the facility told Reason. “Everybody tries in their own way to quietly disobey and get things done, but it can be difficult.”

The shelter has mostly teen boys. They are the perfect age for gangs or the Democrats’ Brownshirts.

As other shelters are being shut down, the Fort Bliss shelter is swelling. In theory, these shelters are a way station for kids who are waiting to be reunited with relatives or other connections in the United States. In fact, staffing problems and other issues have left many kids stuck in limbo for up to a month or more, Reason states.

The outlet continues: …the Biden administration is holding “tens of thousands of asylum-seeking children in an opaque network of some 200 facilities.” On Monday, Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra said the Fort Bliss facility was not fit for “tender age” children, but thousands of teens continue to be housed there.


“I’ve been into one dorm, one time, and I was like, yeah, I’m not going back there,” one trainer says. “They’re filthy. They’re dirty. There’s food on the floor. There’s wet spots all over the place. The beds are dirty. I don’t know what’s going on or who’s responsible for ensuring that the dorms need to be clean, but we all need to be responsible for telling the minors to clean up after themselves.”

“We have already caught staff with minors inappropriately,” the trainer says. “Is that OK with you guys? I hope not. We have also caught minors with minors, which is, you know—we’ve got teenagers in this shelter. What’s happening with teenagers? Hormones, raging out of control. It’s important that we maintain safety and vigilance. Be vigilant. Stop what is happening. If you don’t watch these kids, and you’re not the one who is going to step in, who’s going to? Be that person to stand up for the minors because that’s what we’re here for.”


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