Manadaly Security Guard Has Been Found on Ellen Degeneres’ Couch


The 25-year old Mandalay security guard Jesus Campos showed up on the couch of newly-anointed investigative reporter Ellen Degeneres Wednesday to discuss his role in the Vegas shootings. Also on the couch was Stephen Schuck, the engineer who went up to the 32nd floor shortly after Jesus to check on the door to the stairwell that was blocked off.

Campos thought at first that the sounds he heard were drilling but as he made his way down the hall, he felt blood on his leg. He then called it in. He doesn’t know how he was shot but it was from behind the door. Mr. Schuck explained he heard the shooting as he walked down the hall but he thought it was a jackhammer too. The shooting was outside at the time he said.

Where are the bullet holes?

Campos told Schuck to take cover and said the same thing to a woman who put her head out of her hotel room. The shooting started again, Schuck said, and he could feel the pressure of the bullets passing by his head.

Ellen made sure to give him tickets to the unAmerican NFL.


In this next tweet, the Twitter user is referring to the fact that the photos of Mr. Campos receiving his award for bravery within the last week show a much slimmer Campos. Ms. Loomer already pointed out that they appear to be morphed.

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