Push to Disbar James Comey Who Said “Don’t Call Us [Him] Weasels”


This news comes from The Washington Times. An activist lawyer Ty Clevenger has filed a bar grievance in New York where Comey is licensed accusing former FBI Director Jim Comey of lying to Congress and destroying potential evidence in the Clinto email scandal.

If found guilty, Comey could lose his law license.

Mr. Clevenger wrote that Mr. Comey testified under oath to Congress that he did not predetermine the outcome of the probe into former secretary of state Hillary Clinton. However, we now know that wasn’t true. He had in fact written a draft exonerating her months before speaking to her or interviewing key witnesses. It was a shame investigation.

“Insofar as Mr. Comey gave materially false testimony to Congress, it appears that he violated Rules 1.0(w), 3.3(a)(1), and 8.4 of the New York Rules of Professional Conduct,” Mr. Clevenger wrote.

He asked to renew grievances against then-attorney general Loretta Lynch over Comey’s claim that she pressured him into downplaying the Clinton probe.

The grievance committee won’t take it up until January.

Remember when he tried to convince us they weren’t weasels? No one thinks the men in the field are weasels. People think he’s a weasel.


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Ruth A.
Ruth A.
6 years ago

I sure hope he loses, at least he might be held accountable for something!