Manhattan Prosecutors Suggest DJT Violated the Gag Order


Manhattan prosecutors are trying to get Donald Trump fined or imprisoned by suggesting he violated the gag order in the Stormy the Hooker case by criticizing Judge Merchan’s daughter Loren.

Loren Merchan is a far-left Democrat who is a political consultant for people like Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Adam Schiff, and other similar characters.

The Manhattan district attorney’s office asked Judge Juan M. Merchan to “clarify or confirm” the scope of the gag order, which he issued Tuesday, and to direct the former president and presumptive Republican nominee to “immediately desist from attacks on family members.”

In a letter to Merchan, Assistant District Attorney Joshua Steinglass argued that the gag order’s ban on statements meant to interfere with or harass the court’s staff or their families makes the judge’s daughter off-limits from Trump’s rhetoric. He said Trump should be punished for further violations.

Trump’s lawyers contended the D.A.’s office is misinterpreting the order. They said it doesn’t prohibit him from commenting about Loren Merchan, a political consultant whose firm has worked on campaigns for Trump’s rivals.

The gag order seems wholly un-American. He should be allowed to defend himself.

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