1 in 13 US Bridges Are Deteriorating, 17K Could Collapse from 1 Hit


According to the AP, rebuilding Baltimore’s collapsed Francis Scott Key Bridge could take anywhere from 18 months to several years, experts say, and the cost could be at least $400 million—or more than twice that.

This is all based on mostly unknown factors – it’s an estimate. They range from the new bridge’s design to how swiftly government officials can navigate the bureaucracy of approving permits and awarding contracts.

An engineering professor at Johns Hopkins estimates the bridge will take 5 to 7 years to build, while some say 18 to 24 months.

Multiply This by 63,000 Bridges & Deaths

CNN reports that 46,100 bridges have aging structures and are in “poor” condition. Another 17,000 are at risk of collapse from a single hit, according to the American Society of Civil Engineers and the federal government.

Imagine what our enemies – some of whom are crossing our borders as we speak – could do if they start blowing up our bridges or sending ships into them.

CNN says that is one out of every 13 bridges in the United States.

Experts say that extreme weather events, increasingly heavy trucks, and collisions from larger container ships pose significant risks to US bridges, engineers, and other infrastructure.

Heavy trucks? Democrats are going to put EV trucks on these bridges. EVs weigh far more than gas-engine trucks.

According to the AP, about 42,400 U.S. bridges are in poor condition, yet they carry about 167 million vehicles daily. Four-fifths have problems with the legs holding them up or the arms supporting their load. More than 15,800 of those bridges were also in poor shape a decade ago, according to an Associated Press analysis.

How many warnings do we need before we get our priorities straight?

So, where did the infrastructure $1.2 trillion go? Climate change, of course! Democrats call climate change “infrastructure.”

Only $110 billion out of $1.2 trillion is slated for roads, bridges, and other major structural projects. The rest is for climate change.

As you know, a cargo ship, the MV Dali, crashed into a support holding up The Francis Scott Key bridge, causing it to collapse into the river, taking six souls with it.

So what do you think? Will they change the name of the bridge? If so, what do you think they’ll call it? Transgender Visibility Bridge? LeBron’s Bridge?

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