Many Black businesses, small businesses won’t come back in blue cities


While most small businesses have been hit hard by the coronavirus outbreak, some experts predict 40% of black-owned businesses across the country will not be able to recover from the shutdowns.

According to research from the University of California at Santa Cruz, by mid-April, 41% of black businesses closed their doors for good.

It’s not only black businesses, it’s small businesses. It’s almost as if blue cities and states want them to fail. Small business is the backbone of the nation’s capitalist system. And there are those Democrats who want to see the end of capitalism. It makes one wonder.

According to a Politico report, many small businesses will “face a near-impossible road to recovery.”

“Many businesses are facing months of missed rent payments, with little ability to pay off their arrears. Others are unsure if business will recover swiftly enough for them to be able to come back at all. The shift threatens to decimate commercial strips that rely on these businesses and upend a sector that generates upwards of 3 million jobs.”

City officials falsely claim it’s out of their hands and it depends on a federal bailout. And where do they think that money will come from?

“One recent survey of building owners said approximately 64 percent of ground-floor retail tenants didn’t pay rent in May, a loss of income they warn will hurt their own ability to make mortgage payments and keep up with property tax bills,” according to Politico.

What happened to the billions already given to New York? Well, much of it went to put up a ridiculous number of test sites so they could track every single person — 18,000 of them.


There is a solution, OPEN UP! Cut payments and health insurance to people here illegally. End sanctuary cities. Stop increasing welfare programs to make people dependent on government in your massive redistribution of all wealth. Put that money into hard-working Americans who own businesses.

Instead, Governor Cuomo is going to punish businesses in East Hampton and New York City that opened in desperation. That’s what he’s concerned about while allowing rioters to riot and protesters to protest.


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