Many Never Trumpers Like President Trump After Dems Last Hot Mess


The latest polls puts the Republicans within the margin of error this election. Republicans are now within two percentage points of Democrats who were twelve points ahead. Republicans are making gains in key Senate races according to a Fox News poll.

The overwhelming reason appears to be the vicious assault of Judge Kavanaugh. One might venture a guess that leading Democrats saying there is no presumption of innocence unnerved people.


One very surprising result is that it seems to have united many never Trumpers with the rest of the Republican Party.

The vile assault on Kavanaugh with no evidence has swung a number of Never Trumpers into the Trump camp. One of the most visible is Erick Erickson who can now see himself voting for him in 2020.

People have to be impressed with the President’s loyalty and commitment to this loyal American who has led an exemplary life. He stuck with him despite all the intense pressure brought to bear.

Erick Erickson told ‘Secrets’ that Trump’s unwavering support for Kavanaugh, a long-time public servant who worked for former President George W. Bush, himself in the Never Trump community, plans to vote for reelection.

“For the first time I see myself voting for Trump in 2020. And it has a lot to do with Kavanaugh. He’s not the only reason, but he’s definitely the straw that broke the camel’s back.”

What’s more, he’s receiving calls into his radio show of Republicans shifting to supporting Trump over the judicial fight.

A reliable Senate source told him the FBI report for Kavanaugh has turned out “even better than they [Republicans] expected.”

Erickson also said that he heard from his sources that there will be Democrats voting for Brett Kavanaugh.  has worked in Kavanaugh’s favor.

That must be why Dianne Feinstein moved to keep it confidential.

NPR congressional reporter Lesley Snell tweeted Judiciary committee democrats all filing out of Schumer’s office. All stone faced.



  1. “male privilege” is a “FALSE POSITIVE”…

    American LAW has no interest in GENDER; COLOR; or RELIGION; it is ONLY interested in FACTS, & EVIDENCE! AND FURTHERMORE!

    America is NOT a Napoleonic Nation, under Napoleonic LAW, where the ACCUSED is considered guilty, until evidence PROVES them innocent!

    Here in America, an accuser MUST FIRST PRESENT REASONABLE PROOF & EVIDENCE that PROVES the accused guilty! NOT the other way around!


    NO VALIDATION from ANYONE she stated was present at the event!

    ALL of her “witnesses” stated that they EITHER: #1] Were never present; OR #2] Never saw ANY of what “Crissy” stated happened; OR #3] NO ONE credible was ever found to support “Crissy”s accusations!

    SOOOOoooo!!!…where’s your “male privilege”??? It’s CERTAINLY NOT IN AMERICAN JURIS PRUDENCE!

  2. I am sure it has made some Democrats former Democrats, especially mothers with sons, to think their lives may so easily be ruined. #Walkaway

    • The consummate mindless hate that emanates from these people against the President is unbelievable. They are so blinded with rage that they are literally “cutting off their noses to spite their face”. The “controlled” mainstream media ( and now controlled social media) are complicit and are actually used as evil pawns to incite the brain dead.

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