Maoist CCP Olympics Is Off to an Abysmal Start


The first night of the XXIVth Winter Olympiad in Beijing began with the propagandized opening ceremony one might expect from a hardcore communist nation. It drew only 7.2 or 7.7 million viewers, which might make them the least-watched in recent history.

Purity, peace, and solidarity was the theme and they were serious. How do the Uyghurs feel about that?

They had their token Uyghur open up by carrying the flame. Her father is in prison. No pressure there, do you think?

It is coincidentally a tactic Adolf used.

Dragging off the Dutch reporter live on air was a nice touch.

Hollywood publication Deadline had the opening ceremony viewership at 7.39 million viewers and a 1.2 demo rating, although that just included TV affiliates.

Some had it lower and others at 7.7 million. It is still pathetic. It’s down 55% from the prior Olympics and they were the least watched. Looks like a boycott, what say you?

The IOC insists on pandering to this oppressive slaver nation. U.S. companies do as well. Some of these same companies, like Coke, appear to directly use CCP’s slave labor.

The following is the ad our U.S. companies should be airing. These companies use the Woke nonsense to pretend they are so moral. However, where it counts, they show how morally bankrupt they truly are? Do you disagree?

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