Maoist China demands US return to disastrous Iran nuclear deal


The Chinese Foreign Minister demanded that the US return to the horrendous nuclear deal that allows them to build the bomb. Iran, of course, is their ally.

“The US shall return to the Iran nuclear deal as soon as possible and without any preconditions, and the US should also scrap all sanctions imposed on Iran, other third-party entities, and individuals,” said Foreign Minister Wang Yi undiplomatically.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi commented sternly in a video conference with four other signatories of the 2015 nuclear accord.

It was a demand

The Chinese foreign minister’s tone is clear. He expects Biden to do their bidding. They have had a backchannel going, at least since the election. China also expects a lifting of sanctions on Iran.

Iran, Russia, Germany, France, the UK, and the European Union all want the US to return to the deal.

The deal has been unraveling ever since outgoing President Donald Trump dramatically withdrew from it in May 2018 and imposed crippling economic sanctions on Tehran.

“Ministers acknowledged the prospect of a return of the US to the JCPOA and underlined their readiness to positively address this in a joint effort,” a statement on behalf of ministers from Iran, China, Russia, Germany, France, and the UK said after Monday morning’s online meeting, the International Business Times reports.

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said that the change of administration in the US meant that there was “a last window” for progress that “shouldn’t be wasted”.

“There can be no more tactical maneuvers of the kind we have seen all too often recently,” Maas warned at a press conference, adding that such actions “would only further undermine the agreement.”

His British counterpart Dominic Raab said that at the meeting, he had “made it absolutely clear Iran must not implement the recently announced expansions to its nuclear program.”

“To do so would undermine the opportunities for progress we hope to see in 2021,” Raab added in a tweet.

This is a disaster for the region. It will give Iran hegemony, and it puts Israel in a precarious position. Biden is no supporter of Israel.

Ret. Lt. General McMaster said it “would be a disaster,” a “humanitarian catastrophe.”

It would be a “disaster” for Joe Biden to return to the Iran nuclear deal, as the pact reached in 2016  “helped create a humanitarian catastrophe of colossal scale across the Middle East,” retired Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster, who served as one of President Donald Trump’s national security advisers, said Tuesday.

“I think it’s a fair criticism of the Obama administration foreign policy that its greatest achievement was the empowerment of Iran across the Middle East in a way that was disastrous for security in the region,” McMaster told CNN. “It perpetuated the civil war, helped set conditions for the rise of ISIS, and allowed Iran to almost place a proxy army on the border of Israel.”

McMaster also rejected arguments that Iran had moved closer to having a nuclear weapon now than it was before Trump pulled out of the international deal.

“That’s if you trust Iran to have adhered to the deal, to begin with,” said McMaster. “You have Iran now saying is, hey, we’re going to violate this nuclear deal by reimplementing our nuclear program, which, by the way, they denied that they ever had. I think what was concerning about the Iran nuclear deal is its weakness, its weakness in terms of verification. The ink wasn’t dry on the deal before Iran said these are the places you can’t look at.”


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