ZOOM is a Chinese Communist Party company spying on you


China is making us dependent on them for pharmaceuticals, basketball, movies, news, iPhones, and other technology, even Zoom calls. Yet, the Chinese Communists (CCP) are allowed to spy on us through their technology, including TicToc and even ZOOM.

Americans think ZOOM is an American company. It is not. It is a Chinese Communist Party company and they are using it to spy on us.

The DOJ filed charges against an executive this past week, who appears to be in China. He was censoring ZOOM conversations in the United States and giving IP addresses to his Maoist rulers of people who criticized the CCP. The DOJ is allowing ZOOM to continue operating.

This is a massive threat to our national security but we all continue to ZOOM.

So, when AG Barr gets up to the mic and congratulates himself for indicting a man in China but leaves Zoom to operate, we are not impressed.



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