Maoist China’s Battery Company Gotion Inc Is Coming to Michigan


All companies in China are members of the Chinese Maoist State, some are more dedicated than others.

The Chinese owners of a planned Michigan EV plant, Gotion High-Tech require staff in China to pledge allegiance to the party and wear Red Army uniforms on field trips. This company, Gotion Inc. is developing a taxpayer-subsidized $2.4 billion electric vehicle battery facility in Michigan

Gotion High Tech Company Field Trip

Its wholly-owned Chinese parent company Gotian High-Tech took staff on several corporate retreats to CCP revolutionary memorials in 2021.

The workers wore Red Army outfits and pledged to “fight for communism to the end of my life.”

In July 2021, Gotion High-Tech’s internal CCP committee organized a two-day company field trip for 50 employees to visit several communist revolutionary sites in Anhui province, according to the firm’s website. It was first reported by Daily Caller.

As usual, we are paying for our own demise. Our leaders are either very stupid or they are communists. I’m going with stupid.

A handful of elderly are protesting. The young have not been taught to fear the enemy – communism.

They are already in Fremont, California, and Independence, Ohio. China is our most dangerous geopolitical foe, and this is what our politicians are doing to us.

We have been letting them become involved in our industries here in the United States without much concern or proper investigation. This country investigates parents at school board meetings more thoroughly than they investigate these companies.

Americans don’t understand the committment of the Chinese Maoists.

It’s on hold for now, but not for long. They always let the Chinese Communists infiltrate.

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