3 Weeks After the Maui Fires, 385 Are Still Missing In an Untold Story


There are still 385 people missing in Maui. Some people on the list came off, but as many came on. The toll stands at 115, but it will likely go much higher. There is also an untold story surrounding this catastrophe.

Hawaii officials said there are still 385 people missing after the Maui wildfire in an update Friday, nearly unchanged from the week prior.

The Maui Police Department said 245 people on the missing persons list validated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation were found and located. However, a nearly equal number of new names were added, bringing the total down from 388 to 385 missing, a net change of just three.

After three weeks, there are the bodies of all these people if they are deceased? In the sea? We know some drowned.

The updated total was a startling departure from what had been expected — a day earlier Gov. Josh Green said he believed the number would fall below 100.

“We think the number has dropped down into the double digits, so thank God,” Green said in a video posted on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter.

Lahaina, Maui August 19, 2023

This was a mass casualty event and people were incinerated. The officials say a pole fell, the fire was put out, and it sparked up again. There were high winds. As they clean up the area, they have it hidden and under guard miles from where the fires took place. Perhaps they are controlling dust. They arrested one man who went to his burned out home twice.

There is something they are not telling us. I don’t know what. This gives the impression that not all the facts are being divulged to the public.

Something is rotten in the State of Denmark.

There is more to this story.


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