Marcellus Wiley destroys Lebron in under 2 minutes


Marcellus Wiley, a common-sense black man, destroyed Lebron James swiftly! Marcellus is “the man, he is a free thinker.” Don’t get him wrong. He loves Lebron, but Lebron was wrong on the girl who was shot and killed in Ohio.

About Lebron, he said America “is not divided, we’re just different.” And Lebron says “he’s scared to leave his house.”

“Why,” asks Marcellus. He’s not scared and he’s not Lebron James.

He made note of the Lebron tweet about the “system” as broken. The same system that is so broken allowed him to become a millionaire and not get arrested. Oh, it’s other people he’s concerned about, Wiley added.  Then he said, “We have enough people out here telling us not what to do.”

The system is the boogie man but they have no examples.

Marcellus loves Lebron but he leaped on this one (the teenage black girl in Ohio was shot and killed by a white officer as she tried to kill another black teenage girl.)

There’s more, and it gets better. Officer Tatum breaks it down. He also talked about Thomas Sowell’s book and disparities as opposed to discrimination.


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