Maricopa County audit update, McCain demeans, Soros gal babbles


Before the audit update, two points of interest. For one, Cindy McCain on Sunday called the GOP-backed election audit in Arizona “ludicrous” during an appearance on State of the Union.

“Listen, this whole thing is ludicrous, quite frankly. It’s ludicrous. And this also comes from a state party in Arizona that refused to be audited themselves on votes that were cast within their own party communications,” Cindy McCain said.

“The election is over. [President] Biden won,” she added. “I know many of them don’t like the outcome, but, you know, elections have consequences. And so … this does not surprise me, you know, that things are just aloof and crazy out there right now with regards to the election.”

McCain is best buds with Joementia, and is a Democrat just like her deceased, fake Republican husband.

The second point is interesting. Katie Hobbs is the Soros-secretary of state.

Watch the audit update:

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