Dems hope to redistrict Republicans out of power in key states


Eric Holder’s favorite redistricting attorney and Hillary’s dossier guy, Marc Elias is backing three redistricting lawsuits in Pennsylvania, Minnesota, and Louisiana — states where Republicans control one or both houses of the legislature but Democrats hold the governorship. The suits urged the courts to step in if (or when) there is an impasse in the mapmaking process.

Using fake racism, they win many or most of these cases. They are literally redistricting Republicans out of power in the states where they can.

“While these are the first lawsuits of this new election cycle, let me make this point: These are not going to be the last,” Elias said at a Tuesday briefing. “There needs to be a back-stop in place so that there is a court that is ready and prepared to step in and draw the maps to meet the compressed timetable that we are going to see, because of the delay in the release of census data.”

Using the census delay is frivolous but that doesn’t mean it will be thrown out — it won’t be.

Elias is trying to win every election for the Democrats and recently dragged out a race in New York for months with frivolous suits just to keep her from serving. He eventually lost.

Meanwhile, Democrats are trying to steal the elections in perpetuity with two pieces of legislation.

H.R. 1 (117), Democrats’ sweeping elections legislation, includes a ban on partisan gerrymandering. H.R. 4, the John R. Lewis Voting Rights Act, would restore the preclearance requirements that the Supreme Court effectively struck down in the Shelby County decision. HR-4 restores the very unnecessary Voting Rights Act.

HR 1 does a lot more than ban partisan redistricting. It will single-handedly destroy the United States.

The only thing keeping these bills from becoming law is Joe Manchin, a Democrat Senator from West Virginia, and the filibuster. The Constitution would as well but Democrats plan to stack the Supreme Court ending judicial recourse for the Right and ending the Constitution.

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