School board declares ‘Black Lives Matter’ to be ‘government speech,’ no opposing views allowed


The Rochester, Minnesota, school board has declared “Black Lives Matter” to be “government speech.”

“The Rochester Public Schools board voted unanimously Tuesday evening to make several phrases and images, including “Black Lives Matter,” as ‘government speech,’ meaning the school can’t be held liable for allowing those views while not allowing opposing views.”

What? Opposing views not allowed? And what the hay is government speech?

“But it’s not just “Black lives matter,” in Rochester schools, speech concerning “Brown lives matter,” “Indigenous lives matter, “Stop Asian hate”, as well as the pride flag, are now all declared official government speech.”

So now we can debauch the First Amendment by declaring something ‘government speech?’

Black Lives Matter is a violent Marxist Global Network. They’re communists and that’s who these people are using to indoctrinate children.

The Leftist board voted unanimously and that should scare you.



  1. That must also mean the American flag is “Government Speech.” Right? Unless this is “1984.” Sure sounds like it’s 1984 in Rochester!

  2. Stupidity is taking over School Boards it would appear….seems they cannot grasp the meaning of “free speech”….like antifa (anti fascist) cannot grasp that they are what they proclaim to be “anti” about. Systemic ignorance and stupidity all rolled into one…

  3. It sure seems like people with College Degrees are the dumbest people in America. They may be educated, but don’t have a lick of Common Sense.

  4. The CPUSA did adopt all goals of the Black Liberation Movement back in 2015.
    We’re all South Africans now.

  5. If those are the rules the Rochester school board wants to use, then they will be very disappointed when a real, duly elected administration replaces the one we have now and common sense rules once again.

  6. Black Lives DON”T MATTER AT ALL> Never did , never will. If all lives don’t matter. BLM needs to be publicly executed for being too black.

  7. Government Schools are a dinosaur concept of 19th century ‘progressive’ thinking. They no longer work in a diverse society that recognizes different learning modalities for different children.

    It is time to voucherize educational dollars and allow all parents to choose their children’s school in a free market.

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