Maricopa officials deleted election data & hid it in the archives


During a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing on the Arizona vote audit today, representative Andy Biggs (R-AZ) questioned Maricopa County officials about their deletion of the 2020 election.

Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Chairman Jack Sellers and the board’s vice chairman, Bill Gates, admitted they intentionally deleted election data to route it onto an archive file.

Those records were not subpoenaed and why would they be. That was clearly done deliberately. These officials didn’t bother to mention this when they were subpoenaed.

“We responded to the subpoena!” was the brazen response from Bill Gates. They couldn’t answer the question of why that data and not other data was archived.

These people are so arrogant and corrupt that they don’t care what anyone thinks.

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  1. Ole Jack and his sidekicks have to be indicted and perp walked before there is any chance of him wiping off the smirk and utter contempt he has for election integrity.

  2. Gill Bates? He is everywhere. (sarc)
    Hubris comes before a big wipeout.
    Evil always overplays its hand and consumes itself.
    Stay strong and keep your head up.
    A higher power has got this and the King of ALL Kings will not be mocked.

    O/T-read more about Sinema and she grew up in a gas station.
    Cortez the Bronx conqueror is fuming right about now, bwahaha!
    Gut busting laugh of the day-there is an actual agitfront group called Hot Bisexuals Against Sinema who is a switch hitter, I guess.

  3. “The greatest talent in this work, comrade, is never to be associated with failure. Never to defend the weak even when he is right. Never to attack the pillager of the treasury if he is the owner of a great fortress. He might crush you and there’s no use being a martyr. Our experience, the experience of the Yenan Way, is this: people like doctors, generals, dentists, town mayors … do not love power for itself; much less for the good they can do with it. They want [power] for the wealth in can bring. They achieve power and then they begin to call out like Napoleon for money, money, and again money. Get this through your head, comrade. If we help these people, if we are a ladder for them because it suits us as well, then it would be absurd for us to stay their hands, sew up their pockets, or check their greed. If we did this, they would turn against us and try to crush us. That happened with Chaing in 1927 – we tried to play the moralist and he hurled all his power against us.”

    “Let them get rich today. Very soon we can expropriate everything. The more help they get from us in their pillage, the more positions they will let us take and occupy; they will help us to capture them and even to extend them. Of course, there are two important things to remember. Never participate in any fraud or plundering, which is more difficult than you might think; and carry out your collaboration without the people’s knowledge, without leaving any proof of it for your enemies to find. This delights your robber friends, of course. For your integrity leaves more for them to divide among a larger number of fellow rogues.”

    “Here are two things. The first is that this tiny man, this noncommunist who, thanks to our arrangements, is chosen selectman or municipal councilor, will find the way easier when the party wants to elect a deputy or capture the mayorality. Then the public won’t elect the radical, but the communist. The end remains the same; the means change according to our power. This method seems slower, but it is actually quicker and surer.”

    “Now for the second. Any person who receives our support and does not fulfill his part of the bargain must become the target for frontal attack of pitiless ferocity. It is enough to make an example of one; once they see that we can bar the path to a man, that we have the power to destroy him utterly, the rest will be afraid not to play our game. We communists have never given this fear enough weight. I don’t know why. The ambitious petit bourgeois taken with the fever of greed feels real anguish when we strike him hard. He must be really destroyed with every arm at hand, [and] be left a wretched tatter at the end.”

    Chairman Mao detailing the Yenan Way to Eudocio Ravines, Peruvian Communist Leader.

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