College kids suspended for stickers critical of CCP


Several Emerson college students in Boston students have been suspended and placed under investigation. Their offense was to pass out stickers critical of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Emerson College suspended a campus chapter of conservative student group Turning Point USA on Oct. 1 after members passed out stickers critical of China’s government. Today, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education is demanding the private institution drop its investigation against the students and reaffirm its promises of free expression.

The campus chapter of Turning Point USA was suspended on October 1 over the stickers. The group had been handing out stickers that said “CHINA KINDA SUS.”

What fools turned them in? Why not just turn down the stickers and debate the students.  The worst part of this attitude is the tyrannical mindset that drives the people to complain. Then there is the outrageously anti/constitutional administration.

Many of these colleges take money from the CCP and have a lot of CCP students. That could be a problem. Perhaps it’s just that they have the same belief system as Maoist China.

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