Marie Antoinette Pelosi Is Running for Re-election


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Tuesday announced she is running for reelection this year. There had been a glimmer of hope that she would retire but no such luck. She won’t give up the throne.

Mrs. Pelosi, most famous for insider trading and a $32,000 ice cream freezer, spoke against a fake San Francisco scene without the homeless, needles and poop maps anywhere in sight.

Mrs. Pelosi, 81, highlighted a litany of issues she wants to work on and also invoked the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol attack in explaining her decision. She wants to keep that going through 2024.

She claims she’s running for the children, the children, the children. She must mean keeping them masked up and depressed.

The aged leftist is actually best at  spreading division and praising an incompetent president with dementia.

Benny fixed it:

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