Psaki on Gov. DeSantis: “Realize How Crazy This Is…”


White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki reacted to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s objection to the Food and Drug Administration pulling the Emergency Use Authorizations for monoclonal antibodies treatments on Tuesday. She portrayed it as “crazy.”

It’s a nice soundbite for the media.

“The FDA yesterday withdrew the EUA for some monoclonal antibody treatments because they don’t work against Omicron,” a reporter asked. “But Florida continues to push for the treatment for people in the state. What’s your response to Governor DeSantis and what’s your message to the people in Florida?”

“Well, let’s just take a step back here just to realize how crazy this is a little bit,” she said. We’ve approached Covid treatments like filling a medicine cabinet. We’re not relying on one type, one brand, or treatment, we invested in and continue to buy a variety across monoclonal antibodies, pre-exposure prevention therapies, and oral antivirals.”

Try and get them — they are all in short supply. The monoclonal antibodies Florida was using were helping the Floridians. One demented president shouldn’t be allowed to make the decision without presenting clinical data.

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