Marine Le Pen’s Right-Wing Party Wins in First Round


President Macron’s election gambit might have been a mistake. His party is losing big time. Turnout is 60% higher than usual, and Marine LePen’s right-wing party won a large portion of the vote in the first round.

The media calls LePen and her party far-right, but she’s just right-wing. Macron told the people to vote for his party, or they might face a Civil War. He came in last.

The Left will go nuts. How nuts, we can’t say.

It is still unclear whether the right can take an absolute majority (Friday polls gave them 260 to 295 mandates; they need 289), but their popularity is growing daily, which could become decisive in the second round on July 7..

The global coup might be collapsing. Hopefully, Americans will get smart soon.

A British Member of Parliament, Andrew Bridgen, issued a chilling warning that NATO is planning a false flag attack on a European city. He can be a conspiracy theorist.

The end of tyranny?

Boarding up windows to prepare for leftist anger and violence.

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