Jill Biden Won’t Let Joe Drop Out of the Race


Muslim Americans are telling Joe Biden to leave the race, and Israel’s very deeply concerned about the state of his mind. The media wants him to go. He was reportedly at Camp David to discuss quitting with his family. The White House denied the story. However, the New York Times said that is what they’re doing, and the family is telling him to stay in the race.

Joe Biden has allegedly been asking advisors how we can turn this around. The Times said that one of the strongest voices imploring him to resist pressure to drop out was his son Hunter. You can bet Jill is insisting he stay in.

Hunter needs him to stay in so we can stay out of jail, but that’s just conjecture.

One of the President’s grandchildren is interested in helping with his campaign and suggested talking with influencers on social media.

We already know that they pay off influencers to spread propaganda.

Democrats and the New York Times are trying to blame the people who prepared Joe Biden for the debate. They’re blaming Ron Klain, Bob Bauer, and Anita Dunn, hoping everyone will fall for that. They say he was overloaded with statistics, and they were angry that Joe was made up to look pale after having gotten a nice tan in Atlanta.

Allegedly, Joe is upset with Klein, Dunn, and Bauer.

Biden bumping heads with Pope Francis.

Before the debate, Biden was allegedly making calls, looking for help because he wasn’t doing well during the prep. [that must have been from 1 to 4 when he’s compos mentis]. People familiar with the calls told the New York Times that the advisors were more about checking in to see what people were saying than about seeking advice about reassessing his future. Joe Biden wanted to keep campaigning hard to contrast with Donald Trump, a “convicted felon,” The Times noted.

The entire article continues along those lines. They are hoping Americans’ short memory and their desire to see Joe Biden succeed will be enough to make them swallow this BS. They found people to blame, and they’re going with it. All will fall on their swords.

As for the teleprompter, his aides were allegedly concerned that he was relying on that during fundraisers, but that was his advisor’s [whoever they are] fault for pushing it.

They want you to believe Joe Biden is fine.

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