Marine: More Dead Bodies at the Border Than in Afghanistan


According to The Washington Times, a Marine who was in Afghanistan when the country fell to the Taliban and who now lives in Texas told lawmakers he has seen more dead bodies along the U.S.-Mexico border than he did during his tour of duty. There are two good clips at the end.

Joni Ernst and others as part of a senator delegation

Still, the Democrat administration does not care.

“He said, ‘I feel like I am in Afghanistan all over again.’ He said, ‘I have seen more dead bodies here’ than he did in Afghanistan. He said, ‘Replace the Taliban with the cartel’ because they are basically the same type of organization: They control all of the land there, they control who goes in, who goes out,” he told Sen. Joni Ernst who was visiting the border.

The numbers of illegal alien children traveling alone rose to 15,000. Many turn up dead. They are finding dead bodies – one to two a day – at the Rio Grande alone. Many are children.

Border Patrol caught 56 terrorists so far this year. Six were caught in June alone. How many weren’t caught?

Most illegal aliens get released and that is encouraging more to come across.

Democrats are ruining the country deliberately.

People pay 11,000 – $14,000 to cartels to be taken across and they wouldn’t do it if they weren’t released. None of those released are vetted. We don’t know who most of them are. Yet, CBP must release them on orders of the administration.

Sen. Ernst said agents told her that the smuggling cartels, which control both the drug and human traffic across the border, seem to have cooled their years-long turf battles.

The reason being is that the cartels are making so much money from the record number of migrants – illegal aliens – that they don’t want to rock the boat.

“There’s just an abundance of money pouring into their coffers because it is so easy to get people into the United States,” the senator said.

There is also a surge at the northern border. As of June, nine months into the fiscal year, CBP reported nabbing 67,896 people at the northern border.

Then there are the visa overstays. They are completely ignored.

Watch this clip. It starts with traitor DHS Mayorkas. They are coming from more than 160 countries:

Leftist media are helping to traffic children at the northern border.

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1 year ago

Not Surprising!