The Ideology of Degrowth Is Playing Out in Real Time


Mark Levin talks about the ideology of degrowth in the clip below. And, yes, it’s a real ideology. We are seeing it play out to some degree in real time.

In 2015, the late Bob Bennett wrote about the degrowthers and their shadowy network of financiers and supporters. They began to expand their activities during Barack Obama’s presidency with his blessing.

Primitive man wonders about what had been.
Bennett writes:

The WH is pushing technologies that could never replace fossil fuels and also preserve America’s economic power and quality of life. And Obama’s plan to reduce emissions of coal-fired power plants to 30% below 2005 levels by 2030 would bankrupt much of the coal industry.

This would be but one step toward profoundly shrinking our economy. The fanatics pushing this call it “degrowth”—a downscaling of production and consumption. “In the last several years, particularly during the Obama administration, the federal government has embraced key elements of the degrowther movement, “Mark Levin tells us; “Degrowthers define their agenda as follows: “Sustainable degrowth is a downscaling of production and consumption that increases human well-being and enhances ecological conditions and equity on the planet.”

Naturally, such a change would have devastating effects on America. Unsurprisingly, it would require the elimination of capitalism and a loss of freedom, for who would willingly live with the effects of such a change?

And it’s confirmed:

Sure enough, leading degrowther Serge Latouche declares: “A society based on economic contraction cannot exist under capitalism.” As Levin points out, it would require a police state.

The US going to zero carbon emissions by 2030 will destroy the US’s energy sector and economy. They know it will make little to no difference in the earth’s temperature. Leftists also know that we have nothing to replace fossil fuels. The Biden Regime would have us return to a more primitive way of life for no reason whatsoever since China, Russia, India will continue to build coal plants and pursue material and financial growth.

It’s all for a dangerous ideology.

The following is a good clip from Mark Levin last night on degrowth. He avoids the Ukraine-Russia war except to say the economic conditions have nothing to do with Russia.

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1 year ago

Degrowth is a dangerous downscaling of production and consumption that greatly decreases human well-being and endangers ecological conditions. Degrowth may create equity on the planet. but by making everyone dirt poor.

This is all part of the Noble / Serf mentality of Academia. Academics don’t live in the real world. If they did the Colleges would be responsible for Student Loans not the Taxpayer.

This is also the Cult-like ideology of the Old Rich. Generation after Generation of the Old Rich have lived off the Wealth created by their forefathers and protected by Government. Nobility is still alive and well in Europe and that is why the European run World Economic Forum Cult wants to return the World to a Government of Nobles and serfs where they are protected from the innovations and ingenuity of the peasants. The Nobility is too entitled to fail.