Marine who saved the baby in Kabul is now UNDER INVESTIGATION


We have one Marine in prison, in solitary confinement, for speaking out about the horror that took place in Afghanistan. Lt. Col. Scheller broke the chain of command so he is in solitary, can’t speak with anyone, and is not even allowed to have any reading material. He served his country admirably and honorably for 17 years. Now we have another officer who is under investigation simply for attending the Trump rally. He is the man who saved the baby in Kabul.

All he said was that saving the baby was the best thing he ever did. For that ‘offense’, he’s under investigation and facing imprisonment?

This administration is Stalinist.

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Ears To Hear and Eyes To See
Ears To Hear and Eyes To See
2 years ago

They don’t want anyone who can think independently and in the military you pretty much sign that all away when you join.
Pappy warned me not to enlist because he knew following orders would be a problem for me.
I had such high hopes for the USMC but let’s don’t throw the baby out with the bath water just yet.
The traitors of the Weather Underground Government have moved too quickly and now their burn it all down plan is out in the open for all to see.
A big tip of the hat to Trump the Revelator.

2 years ago

Working for the Government in any capacity should not require that you give up your right to free speech, unless it’s Classified Information. It is important for The People to know what people in the Government and especially the Military are thinking. This was why I would vote for anyone like President Trump any day. I didn’t always like his methods or actions, but I had a good idea as where he was coming from. I can’t stand any politician who blows smoke up my ass, is a Communist, is bat shit crazy, or is just plain stupid.