Mariupol Refuses to Surrender, Russia Tightens Control


Russia ordered Ukrainians to surrender Mariupol by Monday morning. They refused.

Russian forces are going door to door and won’t stop the bombing. It leveled a shopping center, killing 8 people. The people are without water, food, or power. Russians are tightening control. A few hundred thousand people are stranded in the city. This appears to be the next stage of the war.

The AP is the last international media to leave Mariupol, Ukraine. They explain in detail what it was like as they fled, read here.


Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk said early Monday that surrendering the eastern port city of Mariupol is not an option and demanded that Russian forces allow the safe passage of civilians. The statement comes after Russia’s ministry of defense called on Ukraine to surrender the besieged city by 5 am local time on Monday, adding that it would open humanitarian corridors for residents and troops who lay down arms.

An Intel Analyst in Ukraine

A former Army special ops and intel analyst in Ukraine, Brett Velikovic is trying to get people out of Ukraine. He said about 10 million people are uprooted, 3 million have fled. Russians are not good faith actors when it comes to humanitarian corridors. He said residents in Mariupol are being taken to Russian prison camps at gunpoint where they are interrogated.

He can’t understand why Russia is bombing hospitals, schools, and so on. His conclusion is that it is to demoralize the population so they’d demand surrender.

Mr. Vlikovic said that ten Russians are dying for every Ukrainian.

This is the world without the United States as Biden and inept Marxists are busy running the USA into the ground. Showing strength and will prior to the war would have made a difference but Biden is not capable, nor is anyone on his staff.


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3 months ago

In war, when faced with overwhelming odds, you surrender. War by definition has no rules and only fools think there are rules in war. As Patton said, “No dumb bastard ever won a war by going out and dying for his country. He won it by making some other dumb bastard die for his country.” Russia has the 5th largest Army in the World and I doubt that it is to scared to use tactical nuclear weapons. It is not a Blitzkrieg Army, it is methodical. The Russians have no problem starving out cities that refuse to surrender. The really crazy people are in the US Government. Putin was not going to let the US release another virus on his doorstep in Eastern Europe. Why has Quack Fauci been doing “Gain of Function” research if it wasn’t for developing biological weapons? The Idea that you are trying to beat Terrorist to the Punch is Ludicrous. Fauci and friends have been involved in Biological Weapons of Mass Destruction Development financing and are responsible for the deaths of over 6 Million People so far – that we know of. Fauci should do the honorable thing, but Fauci is a coward!

von Paulus vs Khrushchev
von Paulus vs Khrushchev
3 months ago

But, but, but, muh media says vodka man big dumb Ivan who can’t WAR?
Ivan learned some tricks from Jerry about the kesselschlacht or cauldron.
Having massive cannon fodder on reserve in Siberia always helps and there are 40,000 Syrians fighting for Russia now.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
3 months ago

Over the weekend, OAN, the only decent network, broadcast several hours of programming, on Ukraine, DC and Biden corruption. It is worse than I thought. The US (Intel, State, …) instigated the entire thing, US officials were bought off, and now they want to con us into a war.

OAN showed “Ukraine is burning”.

Meanwhile, Newsmax is wall to wall anti-Russian propaganda. I gave up that network.

I will need to buy OAN online or a streaming service to see OAN, because of AT&T/DirectTV cancelling it. DIsh netowrk may decide to show OAN.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
3 months ago

The Ukraine is implementing corrupt US policy in Ukraine. This drone operator Brett Velikovic is not credible, he is still Intel undercover. This liar expects us to believe that Russians are dying 10 to 1, then why have the Russians not been driven out?

The corrupt elitists wanted the war. All information (propaganda) is geared towards that. So of course Russia is doing all these horrible things, but Ukrainians are stopping them.

The war could not be started if the US acted tough ahead of it, so Biden policy was to act weak. The inability/stupidity/weakness of Biden and his officials did not make the decisions. US policy is run by the corrupt deep state globalists.

It’s time to surrender.

3 months ago

Win Russia win!
The Russians are clearly the “good” guys here.
The Ukraine is a whore of the Deep State.