Mark Kelly makes a false claim on air


Astronauts who are smitten with themselves can lie too as in the case of Capt. Mark Kelly who sees his former career as a path to re-election. He also promotes gun confiscation, using the attack on his wife Gabby Giffords by a deranged killer as a reason to take away our Second Amendment.

Kelly falsely claimed this week that he worked through government shutdowns at NASA. Lying comes too easy to Senator Kelly.

His comment in this clip was gratuitous. The reporter fed the question to him so he could say we have to rush through the ‘human infrastructure’ bills to avoid a government shutdown.

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2 years ago

What if there is a Government shutdown and life goes on as normal for 98% of America? What if the Government is told no more Debt and life goes on as normal for 80% of America and those on welfare have to get Jobs and the Government has to downsize? The world is not going to end even if the Federal Government did.

Car 54 vs. Three Orange Whips
Car 54 vs. Three Orange Whips
2 years ago

It could happen, only with Dominion or if he can offer more free milk and honey.
He is a self made man and never tires of flattering his creator.
Those pics are still on the www of Gabby with an AR-15 before getting shot by the Uncle Fester looking leftist loon.
That whole event was fishy to me with a grocery store appearance and hardly any security but then again these career politicians really do believe that everyone loves them and couldn’t get along without them.