There is a pandemic of the vaccinated in a Honolulu care facility


Man is wolf to man.

~ Latin proverb



The catchy phrase, the ‘pandemic of the unvaccinated’ was never accurate and it’s more so now as knowledge of COVID-19 improves. Dividing Americans along vaccinated and unvaccinated lines — the new segregation — has caused hate, anger, and fear among the population. It’s a form of mass hysteria.

The unvaccinated are being pushed out of their careers and banned from living a normal life. When Democrats said we will never go back to normal, they were serious. Every tool is used to keep us all chained to them and their rules.

It doesn’t matter what the facts are.


In Hawaii, the Nurses Association sent off alarms over the low staffing levels at skilled nursing homes. The president of the union said members are overworked as a result, while at least one facility battled a COVID outbreak.

“We don’t have the specifics about the origins of this particular outbreak, but it has been a significant outbreak,” Healthcare Association of Hawaii President and CEO Hilton Raethel said. “And certainly one of the most significant outbreaks that we have experienced in any of our facilities for quite some time.”

The outbreak is among a highly vaccinated staff and patient population.

The Care Center of Honolulu announced they have at least 54 residents and 25 staff members who tested positive for COVID-19.

From the facility’s press release: Like a number of nursing homes around the state, the delta variant resulted in a COVID outbreak in September at our facility.  While 91% of our staff are vaccinated, 54 patients tested positive [roughly a third of the population- no breakdown was provided], the majority of whom were vaccinated. On average, over 80% of our patients are vaccinated.

The professionals went from telling us most vaccinated people won’t get the illness or spread it to they won’t get it to they might not die as often. Now they want us to get frequent boosters as COV morphs.

There are legitimate reasons to not get vaccinated but our masters don’t care. The shortage can be handled with replacements from overseas. For example, in New York, the new Governor Hochul will replace workers fired from hospitals with foreigners.

VAERS has a growing list of concerning adverse reactions to the vaccine and the CDC doesn’t seem to be doing as much research as they are misrepresenting the facts.

Some recent studies suggest the vaccinated are more susceptible to the new Delta variant, but they are ignored, buried, or explained away.

The latest report from Public Health England reveals that 72% of Covid-19 deaths in England have been among the vaccinated since February 1st, 2021 up to September 12th, 2021, with the vast majority among the fully vaccinated. Scotland exhibits the same pattern.

A speaker at a recent FDA panel found the vaccine is killing more people than it’s saving.

The vaccine was rushed and the mandates are rushed even more. We now face vaccination tyranny with arbitrary mandates.


That is not to say COV isn’t real or the vaccine doesn’t help. What we’re saying is it’s being used to drive a mass hysteria that the ruling class is using to have power over those they deem to be inferior.

A medical dictatorship is being put in place and from this point, they can control all of us. We will be tracked, not allowed to travel without vaccine passports, and the government can tell us what drugs to inject into our bodies,

A dictatorship can begin with medical tyranny run by the ruling class.

The masters must win this battle, facts of no facts. Our ruling class believes they should and must have all the power over the subjects. That is why they are retraining us with CRT and 1619, tearing down our statues, letting communists of antifa and BLM run wild while imprisoning mostly innocent J6 rioters/paraders.

It’s why they instill fear and hate which is the real pandemic. But, don’t worry, it’s for our own good. They know what is right and what must be done, and it is they who must call all the shots.

That is what The Great Reset is — totalitarianism — and it is what the US administration is driving us towards. Both Joe Biden and John Kerry said Americans voted to become part of The Great Reset, which came out of the World Economic Forum (WEF). Both Biden and the WEF share the same motto, Build Back Better.

Biden made it clear in his teleprompter speech to the UN this week that we are part of the collective. He will gladly share our wealth and resources to the world for nothing in return, despite our enormous debt. At the same time, he invited the entire world into our country.

The US ruling class is currently destroying every pillar of society so they can Build Back Better and medical tyranny gives them power to do much of it.


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1 year ago

Maybe protestors should make signs saying Auschwichstralia.

1 year ago
1 year ago

Fauci is laying the groundwork for Australia. There’s no way in Hell we are even close to 600K deaths. It’s been pretty obvious those numbers are highly inflated, and that’s not counting the bungling of care. Of those who did die, how many could have been saved if treatments weren’t forbidden. When in all of history has treatment, even the ancient blood-letting days, has known treatments ever been denied by those who “proclaim” knowledge and credentials. Never before has so many been bought off by so little.

1 year ago
1 year ago