Mark Kelly Wins a Senate Seat with Help From a Dead Man


The dishonest senator from Arizona, Mark Kelly, beat challenger Blake Masters and won another Senate seat for Democrats with the help of a dead man, John McCain. Republicans only have two more opportunities to get control of the Senate. Kelly was dishonest during the race, pretending to be moderate and playing down the open borders and inflation. The truth is that he voted 100% of the time with Chuck Schumer. Kelly wants to destroy the filibuster and goes along with the voting rights bill that will destroy our voting rights.

Mr. Kelly won with out-of-state money, national Democrats, and some top state Republicans who pretended he was willing to reach across the aisle. With 83% of the vote counted, he leads Mr. Masters by 5.7 percentage points. Masters has no path to victory.


The day before the election, John McCain’s sons stood with Republican “leaders” and former elected officials to claim Masters ran a campaign of fear and rebuked him for claiming there was voting malfeasance in the 2020 election. Sharon Harper, a friend of the McCain’s, said McCain would have been “very supportive” of Mr. Kelly, who always put “America and Arizona first.”

They weren’t going to let a Trump supporter win. Kelly never put anyone first except Chuck U Schumer and Joe Biden. He put the destructive agenda first. The McCain’s are poison for Arizona. Even dead, McCain is damaging the Republican Party.

What kind of Republican cares about Arizona and the country while turning it over to far-left Democrats?

Mitch McConnell poured millions into defeating fellow Republican Kelly Tshibaka instead of helping Blake Masters.
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The media falsely painted Masters as a xenophobe and racist for complaining about open borders, which Mark Kelly has supported 100%. Masters ran hard on inflation and open borders, but the media, influence, and party label mattered more.

The media said he painted a “dystopian picture of the border – overrun by cartels, fentanyl, and “illegals” sweeping through.” Masters told the truth, but the media pretended it wasn’t true. Mrs. McCain, her daughter, the sons, and her friends are not on the side of America or Arizona. Even in death, McCain is pushing his state into the arms of Democrats.

Mark Finchem, the nominee for secretary of state, lost to Democrat Adrian Fontes.

Anyone who noticed the incompetent voting system, as he did, was successfully demonized. It’s four days after the election, and they’re still counting. But, we’re supposed to believe that isn’t ridiculous.

Due to demographic changes forced by Democrats, the red state is now purple. It’s getting harder and harder for Republicans to win in red states. Democrats are on the path to turning the US into socialist California.

Kelly ironically said his campaign wasn’t about “name-calling or dividing people.” He ran as a moderate, although he isn’t. All he had to do was lie, and that’s what he did. He ran around in his bomber jacket and played up his role as an astronaut. Biden called him a “top gun.” He had been a Navy captain and flew his own plane around the state to meet with people all over the state. He had Republicans and John McCain on his side.

Mark Kelly has to lie:


Kari Lake’s election is still in the air with lots of delays and chaos. Republican leaders are not objecting. Kari Lake is behind by 1.34%. Lake campaign lawyer Harmeet Dhillon says Arizona allows ballots to come in four days after the election, and that’s where a lot of the “hanky-panky comes in.”

Kari Lake is also the victim of RINOS and John McCain as they worked to destroy all Trump-backed candidates.

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No one in the Senate leadership is complaining about the chaos.

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6 months ago

There is no doubt in my mind that there was Blatant Suppression of Republican Voters and Stolen Votes in Arizona. This is how Democrats Roll. We must audit this election and of course we will find Democrat Fraud just like we did with the last Election. They have no Morals or Honor and simply worship the God of Power.

Well, I hope Democrats in the North freeze because Political Power can’t keep you warm in the Winter. Everywhere Democrats have Power is a Train Wreck. Democrats will eventually lose, the only question is how much pain all those Proud Democrats are willing to suffer before they have had enough? My guess is they will go to their graves as a Proud Democrat; and continue to vote! There are more dirt poor Democrats then dirt poor Republicans for a reason. Democrats are stupid and you can’t fix stupid.

Trump Won
Trump Won
6 months ago

The MAGA movement is so hated. We won’t be getting any help from senate Republicans.

6 months ago

McCain would have been very supportive of the Democrat because McCain was all about big government and protecting the political elite.