The Case for Donald J. Trump and Against GOP Leadership


The Case for Donald J. Trump and Against GOP Leadership

Strength vs. Passivity


Newsman’s Rob Schmitt pushed back on the new narrative that Donald Trump is an anchor on the party who needs to cede to Ron DeSantis. He began by criticizing his former employer, Fox News which is actively trying to destroy Donald Trump. They claim Donald Trump was a drag on the elections this midterm. Yet, it is actually Mitch McConnell, master of passivity, and Kevin McCarthy who are drags, anchors on the party. They worked against Republican candidates backed by Donald Trump.

What happened in the midterms is the GOP leadership screwed up, and used Trump as a convenient scapegoat.


Sen. Josh Hawley blames the midterm failures on GOP leadership and their gross miscalculations.

The Missouri senator believes the Republican Party offered voters plenty of generalized gripes about Democrats and President Biden – but no actionable alternative. Hawley blames that on what he calls “Washington Republicanism,” specifically Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. He also thinks it was a bad idea to talk about making changes to Social Security and Medicare.

“Republicans just said, ‘Well, the other side sucks, and Biden sucks.’ Well, no doubt! But it’s pretty hard to convince folks, particularly independent-minded ones who don’t tend to trust the process much, to vote for you, if you don’t have something affirmative to say and offer,” Hawley said in a Friday interview.

“I lay that at the feet of the Washington establishment that set the tone for these races,” he added. “They failed to offer that kind of vision.”

Do you ever wonder if McConnell wants Republicans to lose? He forever cedes ground. For example, he helped them pass spending bills and infrastructure bills which barely deal with infrastructure. He hates conservatives more than he hates Democrats in my humble opinion.

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Ron DeSantis had a plan and it worked. GOP leadership thought Biden’s incompetence was enough, but they were massively outspent and it didn’t work.

Some Republicans are asking for a delay in voting for GOP leadership. Mitch is in trouble. Schmitt says “he should be.” He has undermined Republican candidates at critical junctures.


Seamus Brennan wrote this week on the absurdity of blaming Trump. The first person they should blame is Mitch McConnell.

He noted that it was not just some Trump candidates who failed, “strong House candidates handpicked by Kevin McCarthy lost races the consultant class had expected to win, including Yesli Vega running against vulnerable Democrat Representative Abigail Spanberger in Virginia, Rhode Island Republican Alan Fung, Mayra Flores and Cassy Garcia on the Texas border, and many others.”…

At no point in the past two years have Americans seen McConnell and other top Republican leaders in Washington pick real and effective fights with the Biden administration. At no point have they managed to focus the nation on controversies that would be politically advantageous to their party. In Trump’s absence, the GOP establishment has reverted to McConnell’s preferred style of opposition, one of passivity and accommodation.

Time and time again, the Senate Minority Leader has proved fundamentally unserious about opposing the overreaches of the radical left. If establishment Republicans believed that the border crisis was the existential national security disaster they claimed in their speeches, nothing about McConnell’s actions in the Senate would suggest they actually believed it. There were no threats of a government shutdown if the border was not restored…no real conflicts over spending bills…no significant effort to block key nominees or exact a price for the Biden administration’s extremism. Worst of all, there was virtually no effort whatsoever to use McConnell’s considerable power in a 50-50 Senate to set up strategic fights—to force Joe Biden to finish the wall, or to stop the Department of Homeland Security from trying to censor free speech.

“Instead, in a Senate that routinely needed Republican votes to pass Democrat priorities, McConnell ensured that Democrats routinely got them with as little fanfare as possible.


Elise Stefan just endorsed Donald Trump. It’s the beginning of the end of destroying Trump as a candidate.

The Left and the leftist media love suicidal Republicans.

The sanctimonious Left is pretending the presidency is a sacred trust. That makes for a bad joke from Rob Schmitt’s perspective. Washington is not there for the people nor are the presidents of the recent past. Schmitt asked, did they forget the Oval Office is occupied by a “nakedly corrupt vegetable.” Does anyone think Obama, who did nothing for black America and lives in a mansion in a white area on the water, cares about Americans?

Ron DeSantis and others would have continued as they had been, all sounding like John Boehner had it not been for Donald Trump, Schmitt believes.

We should give Donald Trump some latitude, Schmitt believes all of us would have issues if we went through the Hell he has been through. How would you do with that target on your back? Schmitt asks.

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Our country is sinking into a left-wing oligarchy. Think about that. Who has the strength to fight back? It must be strength over passivity.


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Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
6 months ago

I worked for the Republican party for many years. supported them from the time I was till to young to vote. Now I don’t really recognize the party. McConnel is a major disappointment. I had hopes for quite a few others, but they have all disappointed. I vote in Michigan and am almost ashamed to be a registered Republican in that state. The party just seems to be full of mostly swamp creatures that only care about themselves. Senator Graham I though was a Republican leader. He is now less than a wimp.
What do Republicans offer young people, those who would like to be active in politics? What do they offer to well-heeled people who could help fund good candidates? Not much. They are boring!!!!

So sad.

Media. Well Drudge seems to have lost his marbles.
Other than a few, most of Fox is not worth much. would not pay to watch them at this time.

AT least we have M. Dowling to read plus a few other sites.

I am having a hard time trying to generate any enthusiasm for 2024 without a changed leadership.

I am just sad for my home country. Now I wonder if a still want to return in retirement.

Best to all the faithful

Harrison Pendleton
Harrison Pendleton
6 months ago

There are some very sly people, and media, which are attempting to use Ron DeSantis as a tool against Trump, DeSantis being a trojan horse type such as seen with the KKKJoe Biden. Those people back DeSantis and are Paul Ryan, Jeb Bush, the Lincoln Project, deep sewage swamp Democrats, anti-maga donor Ken Griffin, establishment RINOs such as McConnell, Romney, false right-wing media such as The NYPOST, FOX NEWS and numerous others. Their purpose is also to create division, confusion, disappointment, chaos, to finally destroy the MAGA movement for establishment-approved individuals. Take note of the fact that KKKJoe Biden seldom if ever speaks against DeSantis yet has a mouthful of fake clacking novelty dentures to say against DJT and MAGA.

6 months ago

It is abundantly clear that McConnell is under Communist Chinese Party influence; he must go whatever it takes. McCarthy is just incompetent and doesn’t have the smarts or the drive to take on Godless Communist Globalist Immoral Democrat Liberal Losers who will do anything to Steal Power.

The House needs a Leader with a backbone of Steal and Balls of Brass who is willing to go to the mat to Stop the Democrat Destruction of America. We need a Matt Gaetz, a Jim Jordan, or a Marjorie Taylor Greene, but Steve Scalise is best positioned to be Speaker!

In the Senate we need Marsha Blackburn or Ted Cruz to run things and nothing less!

Last edited 6 months ago by GuvGeek
6 months ago
Reply to  GuvGeek

Let’s not forget, it was the Jim Jordan memo regarding Google.

6 months ago
Reply to  GuvGeek

You might want to rethink Cruz. Here’s just one reason. There’s more but this is telling.