Mark Levin’s Disquieting Questions Baring Our Dire Situation


The extremely grave situation we are in at this time

Levin asks a number of questions in the clips below. The questions alone are alarming.

“Are we on the precipice of a major war, are we ready, have our leaders explained what’s going on, do we have the best people in position?

We are at each other’s throats because of the American Marxist movement. Is Hollywood or corporate America on our side or are they too invested in China?

Is our commander in chief up to the job?

The answer is we are in a very grave situation as we argue about CRT and other issues that have nothing to do with protecting this country.

We must ignore the ideologues who are interventionists or who think hypersonic missiles end at the border. We must look for wise prudence.

So much of our culture has been bought off by the Chinese, we can’t even say “China Virus.”

It’s Not Ukraine or Taiwan, It’s the US

Levin believes Russia and China aren’t building a military against Ukraine or Taiwan. They are building them up against us. Are we acting like a government protecting its people by securing our own manufacturing, protecting our borders, using our money wisely, making certain our military has everything it needs?

Can we fight more than a one-region war? This isn’t about doves or hawks, it’s about doing the right thing.

The media, never Trumpers, Democrats brought us, Joe Biden, knowing he was not mentally fit to be President and has always been unfit in foreign affairs.

What is Congress doing about any of this? Nothing. They’re trying to redistribute our wealth, chase down protesters, chase down Donald Trump, nationalizing what belongs to states, change our voting system for the worst, figuring out how to give money to people who don’t want to work.

They want us to turn into a radicalized France. How many of our leaders have spoken to us truthfully?

Do you think we can ignore the threats of China, Russia, Iran forever?

Do you think America is ready?

Biden goes off and gets an ice cream like some third-grader. The leaders trash Republicans as if they’re leaders of the Third Reich. The media in this country with so many low-IQ radical leftists dressed up as journalists — we are not getting the truth.

We are not ready but our enemies are ready to act. They see the weakness, and the incompetence in the military, what happened in Afghanistan, capitulations to the Iranian regime…

Who do you think our enemies were rooting for as president?

Watch in Two Parts:

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