Biden’s Simplistic Plan for Russia Looks Doomed to Fail


Sanctions against Russia probably won’t work as Biden escalates the Ukraine-Russia conflict with his proxy war.

Taylor Millard writes on The Spectator:

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Friday that Russia will consider any new sanctions to be an end to its diplomatic relationship with the West. Russia’s top trading partners include China, Belarus, Turkey, and South Korea, meaning any potential economic hit from the West would see Moscow work more closely with its non-Western allies…

… a sanctioned government typically centralizes its power, stirring up enmity against the West to strengthen its own position. Putin still runs Russia. Nicolás Maduro remains the leader of Venezuela despite its presidential dispute. Kim Jong-un calls Pyongyang home even though he’s cut off from everyone in the world except Russia, China, and India. Old age, not sanctions, caused Raul Castro to leave Cuban leadership.

A former State Department official under Obama, Edward Fishman has a similar view. Biden’s plan to sanction Russia if they invade Ukraine will fall apart.

Russia now has China

“A lot of the talk about economic sanctions is really a pie in the sky because China is now Russia’s banker,” Wilkie said. “Xi Jinping will back Putin if sanctions from the West come.”

“That’s a safety net he probably didn’t have 10, 15 years ago, and China probably wasn’t capable of buttressing the Russian state as it is now,” he said.

According to a Fox News article published Sunday, Wilkie said that if the U.S. tried to harm Russia’s economy by blocking energy sales to European countries, Russia will simply sell more energy to China.

“[China] would start buying a lot more energy from Russia,” Wilkie explained.

He said that if Germany were to block the NordStream 2 pipeline, China will simply step in.

Together, they will be formidable foes to the weakened United States with an inept president and military leadership.

The US under Democrats never fails to underestimate Maoist China. They think they are our friends. And, most notably, Russia doesn’t seem a bit concerned about sanctions.

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