Mark Morgan: “We literally handed operational control over to the Cartels”


“We literally handed operational control over to the cartels. Drugs are flown across, criminals are flowing across, and potential national security threats, this literally is insanity…” ~ Mark Morgan

Fox News reporter Bill Melugin tweeted the number of anonymous illegal aliens encountered at the southern border in March. It’s up from 162,317 to 191,900. In March, the equivalent of the entire population of Vancouver, Washington, or Providence, Rhode Island, came across the border. They are changing who we are. America is becoming a foreign country like no other – in a bad, medieval way. All we have is criminality, mayhem, and chaos as Democrats overwhelm and corrupt every institution in this country.

You won’t like what we become.

Democrats clearly want to destroy this country and they are succeeding without any real resistance.

And the winners are — CARTELS!

Title 42 protections at the border are scheduled to end in May, and when that happens, it will “turn the tidal wave of anarchy into a tsunami,” former acting Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Mark Morgan said Sunday on Newsmax.

“Anarchy is already upon us,” Morgan, a visiting fellow at the Heritage Foundation, said on Newsmax’s “Wake Up America.” “It’s just going to take a crisis that we already have and it’s going to make it worse. It’s a lose-lose for Americans…but here’s who’s winning: cartels.

The Biden administration is betraying their oaths of office and they are traitors to this country. The US will never be the same.

Newsmax played a clip of Mayor Adams saying the illegal immigration has destroyed the city. Mr. Morgan said the first thing Adams should do is abandon the sanctuary city status.

Mr. Adams wants more funding, but Mr. Morgan said, “…throwing more money and more resources at this issue is going to just incentivize more illegal immigration and cause our borders to be less secure. It’s time to call the administration out for their hypocrisy and the worst border security crisis in our history.


A host mentioned that “since Biden took office, 34,688 pounds of fentanyl has been seized at the southern border. That’s enough to kill – just to put it in perspective – 7.8 billion people. It is out of control. The hosts wanted Morgan’s opinion on how to stop it.

Morgan said the amount of fentanyl seized is “astronomical. Everybody in this country should be saying this is insanity. We have to stop the supply. We have to stop the flow, but …what is shocking is what we’re not seizing because our borders are wide open.

“Look, the reality is when you have millions of illegal aliens flow across our border because of this administration’s policies, and some areas, 80 to 90% of border [patrol are] not on the front line. They’re in processing facilities, processing [and] releasing illegal aliens.

“We literally handed operational control over to the cartels. Drugs are flown across, criminals are flowing across, and potential national security threats, this literally is insanity…”

It’s not only the Biden administration. Democrats in Congress want this. Dozens of Democrats have introduced a bill that states illegal immigrants who are LGBTQ or have severe mental illness “may not be detained” by DHS, along with other “vulnerable persons” who they have defined as anyone under 21, over 60, pregnant, limited English, and several other categories.

Impeach the liar Mayorkas:

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5 months ago

The drugs are bad enough, but the tens of thousands of children being sold into sex slavery is unforgivable. DHS Secretary Mayorkas has not just lied to Congress, he has allowed, even encouraged, the trafficking in Drugs and Children.

So far we are getting lip service from the House. DHS Secretary Mayorkas MUST BE Impeached. He has lied to Congress and by carrying out Traitor Joe’s Immigration policy is now guilty of Crimes Against Humanity for allowing the trafficking in Children. His Family also needs to be investigated for ties to the Cartels.

When is the House going to Impeach Traitor Joe and investigate the Biden Crime Family. It’s pretty clear the Joe Biden is on the CCP Payroll via his Family. That is Treason; a hanging Offense!

There are a lot of Democrats who will be out of Office if only the Republicans vote for these Impeachments. Even Democrats in so called “Safe Seats” will be primaried if Biden is still in Office Next Year! If the House does not even bring articles of Impeachment republicans will be primaried also.

John Vieira
John Vieira
5 months ago

You are being literally ‘raped’ by the fraudulent incumbents…and the “Systemized Stupid” appear to be enjoying it!!!