Mark Rutte Government Falls! A Second Chance for the Dutch


The Dutch government has collapsed after 48 hours of “toxic infighting” over immigration between the four parties of prime minister Mark Rutte’s coalition – with asylum applications due to rise 50% this year.

The story in Reuters was confusing until I found Eva Vlaardingerbroek’s post. Ms. Vlaardingerbroek is a true conservative, fighting for the farmers whose lands have been taken and who face orders to kill 50% of their cows.

Those orders come directly from the Prime Minister, who took the policy from the World Economic Forum run by Klaus Schwab.

Reuters confusing report:

The Dutch government collapsed on Friday after failing to reach a deal on restricting immigration, which will trigger new elections in the fall.

The crisis was triggered by a push by Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s conservative VVD party to limit the flow of asylum seekers to the Netherlands, which two of his four-party government coalition refused to support.

Rutte was allegedly attempting to limit the number of refugee relatives coming into the country each month, with the pro-family coalition partner Christian Union and the woke D66 partner opposed.

This report is confusing because Rutte is one with the World Economic Forum’s agenda of mass migration. They are certainly not conservative.

Other more conservative parties, such as Geert Wilders’ Party for Freedom, have strongly opposed the number of migrants the Netherlands currently takes in.

In the last national election, Wilders PPV came second to Rutte’s party, winning 20 seats compared to Rutte’s 33. Wilders won 8 more seats than in the previous election.

Eva Vlaardingerbroek’s Post:

After 10+ years of Mark Rutte’s globalist destruction policies, we now have a real chance of getting our country back.

From what I can tell about the situation now, I think the actual fall of the cabinet itself is all for show. The ‘disagreement’ about immigration that they’re mentioning as the deciding factor is not the real issue because all government parties are in favor of more mass migration, including Mark Rutte’s VVD.

Rutte just seems to think that he can trick the Dutch people into believing that he actually wants a stricter immigration policy this time around, and he thinks he can get re-elected again if he makes these false new promises.

Do not fall for it. We cannot let him win again.

If the Dutch people stop falling for his lies and get rid of him and his globalist policies once and for all, we can actually turn things around, stop the expropriation of our farmers, push back on immigration, and take back our national sovereignty from organisations like the EU and the WEF.

In other words, this is a massive opportunity for us. Let’s pray that enough people have woken up and will actually vote for change this time. We will not get a second chance.

Farmers’ Protests:

It’s not clear that the very left-wing Dutch are fully with the farmers or realize the danger of the World Economic Forum agenda, but a new election gives them a second chance.

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