Report: The Real Agenda for Taking Over 3,000 Dutch Farms


As the Dutch government insists it must shut down 3,000 farms and kill off one-third to half of the farm animals to meet EU nitrogen guidelines, farmers and their many allies in The Netherlands continue to protest.

According to The Defender staff, the RFK Jr. publication:

“Parliamentarian Johan Remkes, who has been negotiating with farmers for the government, said farmers have options — they can drastically innovate farming practices, shift to a different type of business, relocate or voluntarily stop farming.

Christianne van der Wal-Zeggelink, minister for nature and nitrogen policy, said the government will offer to purchase farms at more than 100% of their value, but if voluntary efforts fail, farmers will face forced buyouts.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr, a climate activist, said it could be done, but the onus should be on the chemicals makers, not the farmers.

There is no evidence that wind and solar can replace fossil fuels. The opposite is true. Storage from wind and solar can’t work at the present time.

Mainstream media has portrayed farmers as anti-environmentalist and conspiracy theorists. It’s not true. It’s propaganda.


Many believe the assault on farmers is not really about nitrogen. It’s about getting control of the global food supply.

The Grayzone reports Dutch farmers are in an open struggle against a cartel of multinational corporations, Davos-aligned parties, and NGO’s seeking control over the global food supply. “They are sweeping the culture from the land.”

As mentioned in the Grayzone, “the Dutch government is carrying out the same radical experiment conducted in Sri Lanka earlier this year — eliminating nitrogen-based fertilizer, the basis of modern survival. In the southeast Asian country, it led to a famine that toppled the government.”

Houses are already being built on land taken from farmers. Many are to house immigrants. Many say it is destroying their culture.

“They are sweeping the culture from the land,” says Sieta Van Keimpema. She is head of the European Milk Board, and leader of the Dutch farmers’ de-facto political arm, Farmer’s Defense Force (FDF).

The Global Elite Want Power

Farmers say “global bodies and programs, such as the World Bank’s Climate-Smart Agriculture and Protected Areas initiative, the European Commission and NGOs, like the World Wide Fund For Nature, that support this “agri-transition” are implementing a comprehensive policy targeting Dutch farmers, and farmers across the world, using “biodiversity” and “climate” protection as a pretext for taking land as part of a larger project to re-make agriculture,” according to a recent report by The Grayzone.

The Rockefeller Foundation and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have long pushed the idea of a so-called Green Revolution.

The government is creating laws that the country can’t come back from, and the one thing that explains it is that they want control of the food supply.

The Netherlands is one of the most intensely farmed countries in the EU. It has 1.1% of all of the farmland in the EU and produces 6% of the food.

An EU ruling in 2019 claimed The Netherlands had breached EU environmental standards, ordering it to cut nitrogen-compound pollution by 70-80%.

“Holland’s world-famous agricultural innovation hub, Wageningen University, the Stanford /Silicon Valley of farming, has ceased developing techniques that help farmers. Instead, they’re now focused on producing bugs for human consumption.

We have manipulative actresses like Nicole Kidman, who are all in on the insects.

If You Control Food, Then You control Everything

“The farmers have seen what is happening with the World Economic Forum, with Bill Gates, etc…that’s why they are so active,” Sieta adds. “They know that what they are fighting is a very strong lobby of multinationals who really want to control food. After the war, we decided we should never have hunger again, to produce as much food as possible, and to use nitrogen and fertilizer to do it. But now, they are pushing an agenda very similar to what Hitler wanted. If you control food then you control everything.”

They’re bringing in a lot of foreigners to take the place of the Dutch.

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5 months ago

When you control food, you control People. When you let Government control Food, History shows us that a lot of People will starve. Reducing the use of Nitrogen Fertilizer may not be the most unscientific thing I’ve heard, but it ranks up there with the Top one or two!

5 months ago

The Dutch need to arm up and take back their country.

john williams
john williams
5 months ago

The atmosphere is 79 percent Nitrogen which is an element. Nitrogen fertilizers capture that nitrogen to make it more usable by plants. the same Nitrogen is then returned to the atmosphere. the amount of Nitrogen stays the same, this is just another scam to loot the regular people and move to climate lockdowns.Why is no one even pointing out this basic fact. Nitrogen is the most abudant element in the atmosphere, this Nitrogen farce is even more non sensical than the carbon scam.

5 months ago

Meanwhile, back in the states, food processing plants throughout the country have mysteriously been destroyed. Compile that with the massive influx of illegals. What could go wrong?

Last edited 5 months ago by Martha
5 months ago

Destroy your leadership that are associated with the WEF !! It is nothing but starvation and ruin and enslavement if deemed worth to live.

Last edited 5 months ago by brian