Tucker Discusses RFK Jr, His Courage and Perseverance


Russell Brand interviewed Tucker, and the show was posted on Friday. Mr. Brand brought up RFK Jr and said that he found him “to be a very admirable man.” He’s similarly “vehemently anti-war” like Donald Trump.

Tucker responded, “Well, I love Bobby Kennedy, and I’ve had him on my show many times. He announced for president on my show, which took a lot of stones on his part, given how despised I am by a lot of Democratic primary voters.

“I think he’s a wonderful person. I’ll say that just as a man; I admire him. I admire that he said the greatest thing any politician or any public figure ever said to me at dinner a couple of years ago. You know they’ve gone after his family. The pharma companies and their agents and the media have really gone after his family and his siblings. They convinced a bunch of his siblings to denounce his views.

The Greatest Thing:

“So painful, and I’m so close to my family. I can’t even imagine that, and I said to him what’s that like? I thought I took a lot of ****. I can’t even imagine what that would be like if my brother denounced me. I’d shoot myself. I couldn’t handle it. ..but anyway, so I said to him what’s that like? And he said, and I’m quoting, probably shouldn’t be quoting a private conversation, but he said this to me. He said, ‘I’ve got seven children and they all love me. I don’t care’.”

“Wow, and I thought, though, OK. You want us to distill my values into a sentence? That’s the sentence. So I really admire him. I don’t agree with him on everything. I do agree with him, I’ll just be honest on most things, on the big things, and so, no, I love what he’s doing. I love his bravery, which is just remarkable. The amount that man has suffered for what he thinks is true, the amount of money he’s lost, the friends he’s lost. He’s been ostracized in a way most people can’t even understand because he ticked off a drug company, really, and he’s persevered, and he is – I really admire him.”

Getting the Trump Treatment

MSNBC columnist Eric Garcia wrote in a Sunday editorial zeroing in on Robert F. Kennedy that “the crux of his baseless claim that vaccines cause autism is the ugly message that being autistic is bad.” Adam Dick reported this at the Ron Paul Institute.

Garcia wants you to think RFK said autistic children are bad without actually saying it. He hopes the readers will get the message that RFK condemns autistic children.

RFK thinks vaccines might cause autism, and his belief has cost him. He’s actually just trying to help autistic children.

The Garcia attack is bizarre and just one more devious and unethical assault from the activists at MSNBC. RFK dared to abandon the narrative and criticize a drug company.

He’s the Democrat Trump in some ways. He gets censored and lied about, but he hasn’t been arrested yet.

I couldn’t vote for him because the Pelosi and Schumer groups would take over no matter how good his intentions. But he does appear to be an admirable man.

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John Vieira
John Vieira
7 months ago

Lots of people vying for “Godhood”…criminal acolytes are available by the score…and each is more ‘righteous’ than thee…