Mark Steyn Nukes Theory that Toxic Masculinity Causes Global Warming


Dr. Aaron Brough of Utah State University co-authored a paper with professors from four other universities to understand how gender norms affect sustainable decision making. The suggestion in this silly paper is that Toxic Masculinity might cause global warming.

The report states that “men may be motivated to avoid or even oppose green behaviors in order to safeguard their gender identity.” This unearths a deeply held unconscious bias that Brough and team call the “Green-Feminine Stereotype.”

This is insane, but it is the world we now live in. Men can’t be masculine because their choices might cause global warming.

Feminists now decide science! Mark Steyn jokingly said he found this study to be the least risible of the climate studies and wonders if it’s not an ingenious parody. The hardcore science behind it is stunning as Steyn explains in this clip.


Joe Bastardi said climate science is driven by hysteria, not facts. on his blog at Fox News, he writes that “the strategy driving this is the weaponization of weather, the weather, and climate as a means to an end, the end being the ending of the nation as we know it. Energy poverty would lead to that.

He wrote that “climate science is being used as a political weapon, and the voices of scientists like me are being ignored or even vilified. I was under the impression that in the United States, all voices and arguments should be heard. Climate science is not settled science. If it was, why would there be a continuous flow of money to research it?”

The expert contradicts AOC’s fake facts:

For example, is AOC aware that in the fossil fuel era, in spite of a four-fold increase in population, deaths have plummeted?

Or that personal GDP and life expectancy – true measurements of progress – have dramatically increased?

Or that world prosperity is rising while poverty is falling?

And does AOC know that in the geological history of the Earth, there is no apparent direct link between carbon dioxide and temperature?

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4 years ago

The levels of disinformation from the left are deep, but anyone willing and capable of critical thinking can refute their claims.

In this case the “authority” is not educated in science or psychology:

Jon M. Huntsman School of Business » Marketing and Strategy Department Associate Professor

He is a quack, trying to benefit financially by writing ideas preconceived to help his career.