Mark Your Calendar! Americans Told Zelensky the Attack Is Wednesday


The U.S. is considering offering Ukraine up to $1 billion in sovereign loan guarantees to help Ukraine’s economy amid pressures from the Russian military build-up, a senior Biden administration official said on Monday. They want to help Ukraine with their macroeconomics.

Now we’re going to give this statist, corrupt nation a billion dollars? What’s behind that?

At the same time, Ukraine’s President says the attack is coming Wednesday.


Ukraine President Vladimir Zelensky told the world that Americans informed him Russia is going to attack his country on Wednesday.

Do we have a time for the invasion? I guess that’s asking too much. Having the date is helpful though.

“We are told that February 16 will be the day of the attack,” Zelenskyy said in a video statement posted on Facebook.

However, after his comments were taken by many at face value, his spokesman, Sergii Nykyforov, said that the president, who is a former comedian, was only saying what has been reported elsewhere.

“The president referred to a date that was spread by the media,” the spokesman told NBC News.

The administration has said they have sources that say Russia will attack before the Olympics are over.

As a result, Zelensky is mocking or being sarcastic. Fox said he’s joking. That’s not a joke.

Is this supposed to be a surprise attack? Just wondering.

Obviously, Zelensky doesn’t think he’s going to be attacked on Wednesday or anytime soon.

Zelensky and Putin are making fools out of Biden which isn’t hard to do. One thing is clear. Biden is the most dangerous president the US has ever had. We need the 25th, yesterday.

If there is no war, Pelosi said it shows Biden’s diplomacy worked. That’s another absurdity.

What diplomacy?

Deiplomacy would be leveling sanctions now, not after an attack.

Meanwhile, Biden is emptying out the embassy and so are his foreign allies.

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