Leftist NGOs will help do analyses of ‘domestic terrorists’ for Biden


Leftist NGO’s will advise Joe Biden’s Federal goons on domestic threats, and alleged extremist networks. Biden’s press secretary Jen Psaki said on Friday in a presser that the NSC, FBI, DHS, and Office of the Director of National Intelligence will perform a “threat assessment” analysis on “domestic violence extremism” tied to January 6’s pro-Trump protest at the Capitol.

There won’t be a probe of the Antifa and BLM or their offshoots who have killed people, wounded officers, and caused over a billion dollars in damages to businesses and federal buildings. The violence last weekend by these communist-anarchist groups was ignored.

Democrat communists don’t want any resistance as they implement their socialist/communist agenda.


Analyses will be partially-sourced from non-governmental organizations. They are notoriously far-left and funded by people like George Soros who secure the funds from the federal government. Soros’ people have been hired for influential positions in the Biden administration. Many are also tied to the communist/fascist UN. Mostly, they are Marxist human rights organizations.

Psaki referenced the “tragic deaths and destruction” that occurred at the Capitol. She didn’t mention the only three people killed were Trump supporters. Two other Trump supporters died of natural causes.

They have a three-pronged approach:

“The first [area] is a tasking from President Biden sent to the ODNI today requesting a comprehensive threat assessment, coordinated with the FBI, and DHS on domestic violent extremism,” Psaki said. “This assessment will draw on the analysis from across the government, and as appropriate, non-governmental organizations.”

There will be no nonpartisan organizations involved in the assessment.

Psaki said the second approach will be the “building of an NSC capability to counter domestic violent extremists.”

The third part of the Biden [handlers] plan will focus on “addressing evolving threats, radicalization, the role of social media, opportunities to improve information sharing, operational responses, and more.”

The role of social media? Would that be to silence the Right even more? An NSC capable force will involve the full force of the government that is normally used on terrorists abroad. That is what the 26,000 soldiers in D.C. was about — a show of force. Rally again and we might kill you.



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