TX ICE told [inaccurately?] to release all illegals immediately


ICE officers in Texas received a bizarre internal directive ordering them to release all illegal aliens immediately. It isn’t in line with Biden’s executive action which called for all deportations to be stopped. There was no plan beyond that.

The memo to ICE reads:

“As of midnight tonight, stop all removals. This includes Mexican bus runs, charter flights, and commercial removals (until further notice)…

“…all cases are to be considered [no significant likelihood of removal in foreseeable future].”

“Release them all, immediately. No sponsor available is not acceptable any longer.”

[So turn children over to traffickers, let violent criminals and perverts loose, and definitely free those freeloaders?]


Biden’s memo did not call for the releases of these anonymous people, the majority of whom are criminals. Judicial Watch published a chilling report that shows the overwhelming majority of illegal aliens arrested by federal authorities in 2020 had an average of four criminal convictions or charges, according to a year-end report published by the government.

Tucker believes this memo was the result of the chaos of the incoming administration. DHS is currently hammering it out since the Biden action doesn’t call for release. They changed an enormous policy without knowing what they’re doing.

It could be more than that. Releasing them all is what they did in the past.




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