Marxist Revolutionaries Leaked the SCOTUS Abortion Opinion


Monica Crowley told Steve Bannon on his podcast that the leak of the Supreme Court abortion opinion was deliberate. It was obviously done by the Marxists.

Bannon asked her about the state of our institutions. Ms. Crowley said this is the deliberate destruction of all our institutions and it has been going on for a very long time. This long march began with a KGB operation but it wasn’t working so they changed their tactics.

“The Marxist revolutionaries began like termites eating our institutions from within,” Monica Crowley said. “They want a pretext for burning the country down,” and she expects another summer of love.

Ms. Crowley also believes the energy has shifted and we have to keep at it. She said the Left needed something to revive their movement and this was it, but she doesn’t believe it will work.

The following is a relevant speech that Monica Crowley gave at the Restoration Weekend in 2013 and it is worth the time:

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1 month ago

Bolshevik Marxist Stalinists

1 month ago

Make every woman who has an abortion where the child lives kill it herself. Maybe that will teach them to keep their damn knees together or at least use birth control and stop shelling out babies they don’t want.

1 month ago

BLM stands for Babies Lives Matter more than Black Lives Matter today in Red State America. People have realized that is not Police or White Supremacist killing Black People. It’s Black People killing Black People and that includes Black Woman aborting their babies fives times as much as White Woman.

Woman on Welfare have a lot of time on their hands and apparently have a lot unprotected sex. Maybe we need to rethink the whole Government safety net thing and put the Churches in charge again? When I was a boy, getting a girl pregnant out of wedlock meant a shotgun wedding and both the boy and the girl wore a Social Scarlet Letter in the community for years.

Somehow Government saw that as cruel and unusual punishment to force people to be responsible. For a girl getting pregnant today, it is a free pass into the welfare system for life. If we threw the Black Community (and pretty much everyone else) off the Welfare Plantation and forced the Black Community to be responsible again, maybe they would be forced to grow up and stop killing each other? America’s Social Safety Net has created a permanent underclass.

The problem is that responsibility starts in the home, not school, and we need to make our teenagers responsible again starting at 13. For 50 years the Public School System has been dumbing down our kids telling them that they are entitled. Every boy should be cutting grass and every girl should be baby sitting by the age of 13. At 13, almost every kid should have some type of part-time job even if it’s volunteer work or chores around the house. Why do people pay to have their grass cut when their kids should be taking care of the lawn? Why isn’t you kids out walking the dog? Part of the problem is we don’t let our kids grow up until they are in their mid-twenties. By then we have lost control over them. Why is it that today it takes a kid twice as long to be half as smart? Abortion and the Need for Abortions isn’t the problem. It’s the lack of personal and social responsibility that is the problem.