Marxist Revolutionaries Leaked the SCOTUS Abortion Opinion


Monica Crowley told Steve Bannon on his podcast that the leak of the Supreme Court abortion opinion was deliberate. It was obviously done by the Marxists.

Bannon asked her about the state of our institutions. Ms. Crowley said this is the deliberate destruction of all our institutions and it has been going on for a very long time. This long march began with a KGB operation but it wasn’t working so they changed their tactics.

“The Marxist revolutionaries began like termites eating our institutions from within,” Monica Crowley said. “They want a pretext for burning the country down,” and she expects another summer of love.

Ms. Crowley also believes the energy has shifted and we have to keep at it. She said the Left needed something to revive their movement and this was it, but she doesn’t believe it will work.

The following is a relevant speech that Monica Crowley gave at the Restoration Weekend in 2013 and it is worth the time:

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