Mary McCord Reappears in Time for Very-Top-Secret-Docs-Gate


Mary McCord was the backstop for the Russiagate and Ukrainegate hoaxes. She was more than that at times, having been deeply involved in Russiagate and Ukrainegate. McCord helped with the dossier, the Flynn-Kislyak file, and the Vindman and Ciaramella impeachment. We published several articles about her; a few can be found here, here, and here.

We’d call her a mastermind, but the hoaxes were mostly absurd. At least they were to us.  The hoaxers have the media and way too many politicians backing them up. That made it believable. This new, more than top-secret docs deal is also a hoax.

Mary McCord said in a recent interview on This Week that the Trump affidavit “has ramifications beyond just criminal prosecution.” She just told us how far these Stalinists are willing to go.

The hosts in the clp below are clowns. They know full well that this is another Russiagate-style hoax.  McCord makes it clear here that others might be prosecuted as well.


Since half the affidavit is redacted, she has come on to spell out what we can’t see from the Left’s perspective. She’s a leaker.

She claims that what we didn’t see in the affidavit is “not political” and “convincing to most objective observers.”

McCord dragged Kash Patel into it since he strongly defends the President’s right to take the declassified documents. She claims that the judge — a Democrat donor who already recused himself once over his anti-Trump bias — heard those arguments and rejected the Patel arguments in issuing the warrant.

The hosts let McCord ramble on. Of course, she said there are other questions here of national security which is why the intel community is launching their own investigation. She claims documents were “stored willy-nilly.” We’ll see. Please watch this unfold with some healthy skepticism.

It looks like they will prosecute Donald Trump if he runs and they want to get him for espionage. Meanwhile, Joe Biden sells us out to China and Hunter makes the deals.

She pretends throughout that she doesn’t know how it will turn out, and the DOJ is being very cautious since this is a former president.

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