Dropped List of Upcoming Firings at CNN


Shocked cat and dog

News Cycle Media President Jon Nicosia reported on the 19th that things are changing at CNN, and it might threaten the jobs of personalities like Jim Acosta, John Berman, Alisyn Camerota, Brianna Keilar, John King, Don Lemon, and Jake Tapper.

We hesitated to report the list after Twitter banned people from sharing or embedding as it threatened to go viral. It really is too good to be true.

We don’t know if the list is accurate or wishful thinking, but Nicosia has good sources and is mostly accurate. Can you imagine if this is true? We get rid of Berman, Camerota, Acosta, Keillar, Tapper, King, Lemon, AND OTHERS! If it becomes a fair, objective news station, I’d watch it but not if those same people give out their fake news. I put up clips now to make fun of them.

They did fire the most unreliable source Stelter. It’s a small start.

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