Masked Men Hit Asian Woman With A Bat on a Busy Street in Manhattan


Masked men ran up to an innocent 58-year-old Asian woman and hit her in the head with a bat. One kept hitting her with the bat. All this took place on a busy street in Manhattan.

The woman was taken to an area hospital around 2 p.m. after the strangers came up from behind and hit her with a baseball bat on Monroe Street near Market Street, according to the NYPD. The woman was left with bruises on her legs and back after the attack that was caught on camera, police said.

“They shoved the woman down and started beating her with a bat. I heard her scream like a blood-curdling scream,” a 23-year-old witness told PIX11 News.

The victim’s son spoke with PIX11 News and said his mother is still in pain.

“She is shocked, she is scared and in a lot of pain,” he said.

Police had not made any arrests by Wednesday.

New York is lawless under Alvin Bragg. Outside of Daniel Penny and Donald Trump, he has no interest in keeping criminals in prison. That’s especially true if they are here illegally, a minority, or a repeat offender. He’s pro-criminal.

But as long as they imprison a man who wants to put America First in prison, it’s all good for Soviet New York.

Watch this disgraceful attack in the New York of Eric Adams and Alvin Bragg:

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